First Run- 1/24


First Run since I gave birth to my baby! I went easy to start, just a jog on an elliptical at the gym. I took a magazine (Runners) to cover up the speed and time because right now I just want to focus on getting back in the swing of running and the enjoyment of it. It also helped there was an olympic runner on the cover for motivation. The numbers on the elliptical make me anxious, like I’m not good enough. I’m not ready for it yet.


I made a playlist the night before. Songs that make me feel badass. Mostly Eminem, and Drake. Go ahead and judge but they have some good beats!


I ran for twenty minutes and then I decided to cool down for ten minutes on the bike where I actually read that magazine while listening to some dance music.


Every day I’m getting better one step at a time!


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