Swimming to Improve My Run

I’ve always prefered keeping my feet on dry land rather than in the water. Recently I’ve been researching how to improve my running and I was surprised to find swimming as a solution.


Swimming gives runners a workout that has a low impact on muscles. This is perfect for when you’re nursing an injury or if your joints or muscles need a break but you still want that aerobic benefit. Water is also 12x denser than air making it great for toning muscles (Telegraph 2015).

“The resistance of water offers a cooling workout that taxes the body enough to maintain cardiovascular and muscular-skeletal fitness, while its buoyancy and zero-impact environment aids in recovery and injury prevention. (Runners World Marc Bloom 2009)”


When I first started swimming again I noticed was working muscles I often don’t use. In fact even though swimming felt easier, my muscles were more sore the next day! This is beneficial because it introduces new ranges of motion and makes your muscles stronger.

I’ve decided to keep this one in my weekly rotation (Sunday Swimdays!) and I can’t wait to share how it’s affected my running!







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