Easy Curly Active Hairstyles

1.) Pony-tail

I love the pony-tail because it is easy and no nonsense. Hardly any effort involved. Sometimes I use a little head band to make it look like I slightly care. Only con is sometimes it can get a little too party in the back and I hate when my hair whips me in the face!



2.) Twist Bun and Head-band

For this I first make a pony-tail. Then I divide it into two sections and twist them together. Then I take this twist and wrap it around the base of my pony, bobby pinning in place. I then secure fly-aways with a headband. It’s one of my favorites for when running long distances because it’s easy and stays out of the face.When I do yoga or core work I just make the bun on top of my head instead of behind so I can lay back on my mat.



3.) French braid, Double French braid and French Braid Bun

I will wear a simple french braid. I like this because it’s cute and keeps it out of my face. Also, when I take it out I have soft, pretty curls.


Or I make double french braids…


Or the double french braid bun… which is just twisting the braids together and then using bobby pins to keep it in place. (Here’s me below in a race with it! Hard to see b/c of the angle and giant head band though so I posted a pretty pinterest one below.)



4.) Simple Braids

Laura Ingalls made these cool. Simple, cute and easy! Also cute with a hat.


5.) Big and Beautiful

I can’t handle hair in my face when I’m working out so I very rarely do this. The exception is easier hikes or walking.


6.) Perfect Ballerina Bun

I’m not gonna lie- this is pretty much my favorite hairstyle. I feel like a fabulous ballerina so I use it a lot when I do barre. I don’t like running with it because if it falls out it’s annoying to pin back in place. I apologize that don’t have pics of me with it while working out but I have one of me with it while I was student teaching!




Hope you enjoyed this! I’ll try some more and post them!


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